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School band

Baulkham Hills High School has run a successful band program for many years under the guidance of our parent committee and Music Faculty.  The Band and Orchestra consists of 6 bands, described below, that meet weekly for rehearsal. All bands are given opportunities to perform at school functions and to participate in competitions appropriate to their skill level.

Beginner band

This band caters for students who have not previously played a musical instrument or an instrument that is part of a concert band or who wish to try a new instrument.

Beginner Band is conducted by Dr Luis Madrid.

Rehearsal is on Wednesday morning starting at 7:20 am.

Junior band

The Junior Band is for students who have a good working knowledge of their instrument.  Students progress to this from the Beginner Band or through an audition process if they have previous experience on their instrument.

Junior Band is conducted by Dr Luis Madrid.

Rehearsal is on Thursday morning starting at 7:20 am.

Senior band

Students progress into the senior band is by audition from the Junior Band.  Playing and performance expectations are higher as students will be playing more complicated pieces.

Senior Band is conducted by Ms Yvonne Brown

Rehearsal is on Friday morning starting at 7:20 am. 

Concert band

Students who have achieved a higher degree of skill with their instrument are eligible to audition from the Senior Band. Concert Band also performs regularly at various school functions including Presentation Evening. 

Concert Band is conducted by Dr Steve Clark.

Rehearsal is on Monday morning starting at 7:20 am.

Stage band

The Stage Band is an ensemble group which performs a jazz-based repertoire.  This band is designed for students who have a high degree of musical expertise and membership is by invitation or audition.  The band has a particular focus on solo performance and improvisation. 

Stage Band is conducted by Mrs Lesa Groves.

Rehearsal is on Wednesday morning starting at 7:20 am.


Orchestra caters to students who play an orchestral instrument and provides the opportunity for string players to develop their ensemble and performance skills. Non string players must also be a member of either the Senior or Concert Band.

Orchestra is conducted by Dr Luis Madrid.

Rehearsal is on Tuesday mornings at 7.20 am

Band fees

The band program is an extra-curricular activity offered to students of Baulkham Hills High School. The compulsory fees cover the costs of: an administration assistant, band conductors, music scores, entry to competitions and band equipment. Fees for 2019 are $300 per student, payable at the beginning of the year. Only one fee is charged even if students are in more than one band.

Band parent group

This parent group is a vital part of the school band program.  Meetings are held once a term or when required. Details will be advertised in the school newsletter and by email.  We ask all parents to provide support to the band program by attending meetings and/or filling various roles within the program to share the workload and keep costs down.  There are various committees and activities for parents to become involved with.

Band policy and mebership expectations

All students who join the band should make a commitment to being a part of the band for at least one year.Students are expected to attend rehearsals, workshops, performances, competitions and camps as required, including in-school performances during the school day. Advance notice in writing from the parent or guardian must be given to the conductor if a student is unable to attend band related activities. If a student is absent from due to illness, the conductor is to be advised by email to the band email address. Students are expected to be punctual and help with setting up and packing away. It is vital that students co-operate with conductors, tutors and parent helpers.

Contact details

Facebook  Page "Baulko Band and Orchestra "

Band recognition

Students are awarded with a badge after 1 year, 3 years and 5 years membership in band.

Band tours

There are opportunities for students to attend band tours from time to time. In 2017 a concert band and string ensemble toured Europe in the April school holidays, in 2019 a second tour to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia is being planned.

For further information, or to register interest in joining the school band in 2019, contact the band administrator at