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Frequently asked questions

Is priority given to students who live in the Baulkham Hills area?

Baulkham Hills High School is a fully Selective School. There are no School Zone requirements - entry into the school is based on Academic Merit only

If our family purchases a house in Baulkham Hills can my child gain entry into the School?

Purchasing property in the Baulkham Hills area does not gain your child entry into the School. 

Are students accelerated? 

Some students are accelerated in some subjects. No acceleration begins before Year 9. Students who are accelerated are expected to maintain strong academic results in all their subjects.

What is the School’s policy on Bring Your Own Device?

Please view the ICT policies page for further information

Can my student transfer from another selective school into Baulkham Hills High School?

Each student must apply through the application process to gain entry into Baulkham Hills High School. There is no transfer process for students between selective schools.

Our student has been advised they are on the waiting list; do we still enrol in our local school or wait for a position?

Continue your enrolment at your local high school as we do not know if a vacancy will become available.

What are the student numbers for positions to become vacant at the school?

There are often no positions available as the school does not know from year to year about the movements of individual families at the school.

How many students apply for positions each year?

The school receives many applications for each year from 8 to 12, often in excess of 200 applications for each year group. 

Do applications roll over to the next year or do we have to apply each year?

Applications do not continue into the following year. Please note, if you have been notified you are on the reserve list and do not receive a placement your application does not continue into the following year. You are welcome to apply each year for a position. 

Does Baulkham Hills High School accept overseas students?

We accept students who are Permanent Residents or Australian Citizens. Students who are offered a place at the school must supply documentation which supports their residency status.

My child is currently studying overseas are their academic credentials taken into consideration when applying for a position at the school?

Our selection panel is familiar with the academic achievements of students who have been studying overseas. English translations of Academic Records should be provided and each application will be assessed by its merit.

Does Baulkham Hills High School offer Cadets?

There is a proud tradition of Cadets at Baulkham Hills High School, the program is only offered to students who attend the school . Meetings take place after school once a week. For further details about Cadets please refer to the heading “Extra Curricula” then go to the “Activities” on this website.

Where can we park our car for Orientation or Selective School tests?

Street parking is available in:

  • Carver Crescent, Baulkham  Hills, on the northern side of the school
  • Coronation Road, Baulkham Hills, opposite the school 

There are no parking facilities on the school grounds.

Is there a dedicated School bus?

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) can be used for:

  • Travel between home and the school/campus at which the student is enrolled
  • Approved travel, Monday to Friday on school days

The Scheme does NOT extend to travel for activities such as:

  • School excursions
  • Sports events
  • Work experience
  • Attendance at Vocational Education and Training (VET) in schools at a location away from the school/campus at which the student is enrolled
  • Attendance at multi-campus high schools, Saturday Schools
  • Parent’s place of work

Please refer to the following website for more details about the SSTS

The school is unable to organise transport for individual students. Most students travel some distance to get to school and will be required to catch public transport to and from school. There are a number of public buses which stop close to or at the school. It is up to the individual family to decide which mode of transport best suits your student and how far you are happy for them to travel.  Some useful websites for travel arrangements include:

Upon acceptance to the school you will receive an application form for travel which must be returned to the school to be lodged with the appropriate travel organisation. Once applications have been lodged the school will receive the new travel passes approximately two weeks after the start of Term 1 and they will be distributed directly to students.

Bus drivers and railway staff have been instructed to permit FREE travel for students, to and from school, for a period of three weeks, whilst they are in uniform. If your child is having difficulties during this time and is being asked to pay fares, please contact the State Transit Authority with the details of the bus number and route or relevant railway station.