Baulkham Hills High School


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Self discipline code

  1. Learn all you can
    1. Value yourself and your achievements
    2. Pay attention and participate in class
    3. Be involved in school activities. Try to develop your skills and reach your potential with the help of your teachers
    4. Come to school regularly
    5. Achieve NESA outcomes
    6. Have a regular pattern of home study
  2. Look after your school
    1. Respect the buildings, furniture, grounds and all our property
    2. Help keep everything clean and tidy
  3. Eearn your school a good name
    1. Wear your uniform with pride
    2. Behave well at school and on excursions
    3. Show respect to visitors
    4. Play sport fairly
    5. Do your best in all school activities
  4. Be in the right place at the right time
    1. Arrive at school on time
    2. Avoid missing school or any lessons without proper permission
    3. Be on time to class and all other school activities
    4. Always be in bounds
    5. Bring notes for absences promptly
  5. Respect all staff members
    1. Listen to what you are told
    2. Follow teachers instructions
    3. Speak to teachers politely
    4. Support the teaching/learning process
  6. Respect all fellow students
    1. Acknowledge the achievements of others
    2. Be courteous and considerate to all fellow students
    3. Avoid anything which may cause injury or embarrassment
    4. Respect the points of view of others
    5. Respect the right of others to learn
    6. Take responsibility for your own actions
  7. Respect the property of others
    1. Leave other peoples property alone
  8. Be honest
    1. Always be honest and truthful
    2. Be sure to hand in all lost property
  9. Co-operate with all prefects and student council
    1. Help them to help you voice your opinions
    2. Join in school activities
  10. Bring the correct equipment school
    1. Bring the necessary equipment for every lesson
    2. Leave prohibited materials at home
    3. Use your school diary