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Uniform shop

The P&C operates the Uniform Shop with the help of part-time staff and parent volunteers. The funds raised from the shop are used to support the strategic plans put in place by the parents and teachers of the school.

  1. School uniforms
  2. Uniform shop policy
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  4. How to order uniforms
  5. Uniform shop open days and timings (PDF)
  6. Uniform measurements (PDF 381KB)
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The school uniform

The school uniform was reviewed in 2014 and determined by the school community. The community at large tends to judge a school by its dress standards hence it is necessary to be most strict in this area. Uniforms also make it much easier for staff to identify any person on school premises who should not have access to students.

School uniforms must be worn at all times. Students are to travel to and from school wearing the proper uniform. They are not to change out of their uniform at school unless given specific approval to do so by senior staff.

The Principal's approval is required for students to wear ‘mufti' to school or on excursion.

While common sense dictates that it is not always possible, as a general rule students are expected to change back to full school uniform after Sport or Physical Education lessons and permission must be obtained to deviate from this policy. On Wednesdays, sport day, students may travel to and from school in the sports uniform.

Students must carry a dated note from parents, counter-signed by the deputy principal, if out of school uniform.

Junior girls from Year 7 to Year 9 summer & winter uniform

girls representing summer and winter school uniform
  • Green tartan skirt.
  • White blouse (has a green trim) with BHHS logo embroidered on pocket, long or short sleeves.
  • Junior girls ties (the green facing on the topside ) are compulsory
  • Plain white socks above ankle or black stockings.
  • Black leather dress shoes (lace up or court).
  • School olive green v-neck pullover and/or school blazer and/or school jacket.

Junior boys Year 7 to Year 9 summer & winter uniform

boys representing summer and winter school uniform
  • Long or short grey trousers, wool/poly blend or Hard Yakka/King Gee Permanent Press.
  • White shirt (green trim) with BHHS logo embroidered on pocket, long or short sleeves.
  • Junior boys ties (green) are compulsory.
  • Black lace up leather dress shoes.
  • Plain grey socks above ankle
  • School olive green v-neck pullover and/or school blazer and/or school jacket.

Senior girls Year 10 to Year 12 summer & winter uniform

senior girls representing summer and winter school uniform
  • Olive Green or tartan skirt.
  • White blouse (burnt orange trim), with BHHS logo embroidered on pocket, long or short sleeves.
  • Senior girls ties (the burnt orange on the topside) are compulsory.
  • Plain white socks above ankle or black stockings.
  • Black leather dress shoes (lace up or court).
  • Olive green V-neck pullover and/or school blazer and/or school jacket.

Senior boys Year 10 to Year 12 summer & winter uniform

a senior boy is wearing winter uniform.
  • Long or short grey trousers, wool/poly blend or Hard Yakka/King Gee Permanent Press.
  • White shirt (burnt orange trim), with BHHS Logo embroidered on pocket, long or short sleeves.
  • Senior boys tie (burnt orange) is compulsory.
  • Black lace up leather dress shoes.
  • Plain grey socks above ankle
  • School olive green V-neck pullover and/or school blazer and/or school jacket.

Blazers - YEAR 10, 11 and 12 are compulsory.

Winter - black scarves may be worn. Black overcoats may be worn over jumpers or school jackets. The coat should reach at least to mid-thigh and is to be plain, with no belt.

Hats – only the school hat with BHHS logo is ACCEPTABLE. Other headwear can be worn for religious reasons. No other decorative or fashion items of headwear can be worn. 

Ties - Ties should be worn all year. 

P.E. Uniforms
Sports uniform is to be worn at all sporting occasions.

All students

  • School PE uniform.
  • School tracksuit.
  • School Hat
  • White socks above ankle
  • Sports shoes

Please note:
Track suits - only to be worn during sport and P.E. or on Wednesdays.


Food technology

students in the kitchen

Additional clothing requirements for food technology include a white apron and white cap, made in quality drip-dry white poly-cotton.

Industrial arts

Two industrial arts students standing in front of the building.

All students are required to wear protective apron and leather shoes. Students must provide their own hairnets to restrain long hair when using machines. The navy blue apron and safety goggles are required for Industrial Arts.
Science: Safety goggles are also required for regular science lessons.


  • A wristwatch
  • A small religious medallion or icon, on a chain, worn unobtrusively, Fine golds or silver chains may be worn but must be short in length.
  • A small signet ring
  • Small studs or small sleeper earrings, gold or silver worn in the earlobes

The school uniform is to be worn correctly at all times.

  • Buttons should be done up properly
  • Girls blouse should be untucked.
  • Boys shirts should be tucked in.
  • Skirts are to be an appropriate length and must hang from the waist
  • The school tie should be knotted correctly under the shirt collar, not pulled down around the chest
  • It is not acceptable to wear coloured tops under school shirts
  • Regulation lace-up black leather shoes must be worn, especially for safety in laboratories and workshops
  • White/grey socks should cover the ankles

Items not to be worn

  • Black undershirts (only white)
  • Girls Slacks that are not the correct colour or cut
  • Metal loop chains and studded belts/wristbands or bangles, drop-earrings, necklaces  or heavy and bulky items of jewellery
  • Coloured belts and coloured socks
  • Knee-high grey/white socks
  • Black footless tights
  • No facial piercing (example : rings worn through the nose, eyebrows or lips / studs worn through the eyebrows or lips
  • ‘Exotic' hairstyles or hair colours (e.g. pink, blue, green, purple, etc)
  • Baggy or drawstring shorts or trousers
  • Desert boots and black joggers
  • Beanies

Uniform shop policy

Baulkham Hills High School Uniform Shop is managed by the Baulkham Hills High School P&C Association. A Uniform Shop sub-committee is dedicated to the overseeing of the shop which is manned by two part-time staff and several volunteers.
The following policy guidelines have been developed to assist in the management and smooth running of the uniform shop. 

Uniform payment policy

Uniforms are to be ordered using ordering forms over the counter or via email. For more information, please see the section on how to order uniforms.

All uniforms are to be paid for in full at the time of ordering. The uniform shop is run on a not-for-profit basis, we are unable to provide credit on any uniform sales. 

Please ensure that you do not give us credit card details on your ordering. If you wish to order via credit card, please give us your contact details on the form and one of our staff will call you back on the number provided during operating hours. We will be unable to process credit card orders if we are not able to contact you. 


Orders that are made before end of Tuesday of the given week will be delivered to the student on Thursdayof the same week from the school office or can be collected at the uniform shop during operating hours.

Fulfilment of orders is subject to stocks and staff availability. While every effort will be made by volunteers to deliver the orders on time, we are not responsible for situations beyond our control. 

Second-hand uniform sales

We sell second-hand items, which have been kindly donated to the school.  

All second hand items are sold for a price determined by their condition. This price is determined by the Uniform Shop Coordinator at the time of the donation. 

It is the responsibility of the Uniform Coordinator to ensure all second-hand items are clean and that people purchasing these items are made aware of any defects prior to purchase.  

Please choose carefully as refunds and/or exchanges are not accepted for any second-hand item. 

Refund & return policy

The uniform shop will accept product returns on new items and provide you with a refund, exchange or repair where:

  • The product is faulty or is not of acceptable quality; or
  • The product is not fit for its intended purpose; and
  • You can present your Uniform Shop receipt or other adequate proof of purchase.

No refund will be given for an incorrect size choice – only exchange. Products may be exchanged for another size if they still have their tag attached and are in as-new condition. Exchanges can only be made within 7 days of purchase. 
The Uniform Coordinator may elect to return the product to the manufacturer’s repair agent to determine the nature of the problem. The Uniform Shop reserves the right not to offer an exchange, refund or repair where the item fault is a result of misuse or neglect. 

The uniform coordinator reserves the right to assess the condition and age of returned goods prior to providing a repair, exchange or refund. This may result in a repair, exchange or refund being refused.


There are three ways you can order uniforms:

  • Over the counter : You would ideally do this if
    • You wish to try on uniforms before you buy
    • Wish to purchase a second hand item
    • Wish to purchase an item urgently

Please refer to our uniform shop operating hours.

  • Using uniform order forms: You will find a stack of order forms near the Reception window. You may also print the order form here.
  • Please fill out your details and order. Drop it into the mailbox located next to the Uniform Shop.
  • All orders need to be received by Tuesday 9.00 PM in order for us to process the order and deliver it to the student’s roll call class by Thursday of the same week.
  • Via Email :  Please send an email to
  • Subject Line: Student Name , Roll Call Class (If Applicable)

For each item, please provide

  • Item Name (Please copy from the Order Form or Price List)
  • Size
  • Quantity

You may send us a scanned copy of an order form.


  • Cash : Over the counter only
  • EFTPOS : Over the counter only
  • Credit Card: Please enter the name and contact number of the credit card holder. In order to comply with the payment card industry security standards please do not provide any credit card details in your order forms.

One of our staff members will call the cardholder on the number provided and get the payment details after confirming the order.


  • Our Uniform Shop Staff and Volunteers will process the order forms on Wednesday. We will deliver them to the student’s roll call class by Thursday of the same week.
  • In the event that we are unable to fulfil an order, we will send an email to the email address provided.
  • If you wish to collect your order from the Uniform Shop, please ensure that you show a valid form of ID.
  • Order fulfilment is subject to stock and staff availability.


  1. Can I return an item without the packaging?

    As far as possible we recommend that you return the item with the packaging.
  2. Do I need an order form even if I come to the counter?

    No, you do not need a form if you are purchasing an item at the counter.
  3. Where do I donate my second hand uniforms?

    Please hand it to the staff at the uniform shop.
  4. Do you accept Cheques?

    No. We only accept Cash/MasterCard/Visa/EFTPOS.
  5. Can I still order using Munch Monitor?

    Yes, if you have a Munch Monitor account, you can use it to order uniforms.

Orientation FAQs

  1. What is a summer starter pack?  Can I order other items in addition to the starter pack?

    We have put together a basic set of uniform items that your child will need on starting school. If you wish to purchase additional items, please use the order form to do so.
  2. How do I make an appointment for the Year 7 uniform fitting?

    Please go to and enter “nzvmz” code to make a booking for a slot (30 Nov / 7 Dec / 14 Dec / 28 Jan 2020)
  3. I made a booking for a try on/fitting but cannot make it. What do I do?

    Please cancel your booking and book another available time slot.
  4. Can I come for try on/ fitting on the day of orientation?

    No, the uniform shop will be open only for pickup of ordered items. Not for try on/fitting on orientation day. You may come to the uniform shop during normal operating hours for fitting.
  5. Can I purchase uniforms on the day of the try on?

    Yes. You may hand in your order forms and make payments on the day of the try on. Our volunteers will then process your orders and make it available for you to pick up if possible on the day or you can pick up your order on orientation day.
  6. What ID should I bring to pick up my order?

    If you are an existing student, please bring your student ID. If you are a new student, please bring your offer/ enrolment proof/payment receipt.


You may contact the uniform shop during operating hours by phone or via email.