Baulkham Hills High School


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Merit system


To recognise and reward students for a total commitment and involvement at Baulkham Hills High School across a broad spectrum of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Awards students can receive:

1. Green merit award

  • Issued by the classroom teacher
  • Student takes 20 merits to any Head Teacher of their Year Adviser who stamps the green merits or cuts the corner to indicate they have been used. They also stamp the appropriate box on the Student Merit Record Card.
  • Student is issued with an Academic Bronze Award.

2. Bronze award

  • Issued by Year Advisers or Head Teachers (Academic), or Sports Organisers or organisers of Extra Curricular Activities, Performing and Creative Arts and School Service.
  • Students need to show commitment and achievement in the area for at least a semester and have the right number of stamped boxes for that area.
  • Year Advisers and Organisers sign/date the Record Card to indicate a Bronze Award has been issued.

3. Silver award

  • Issued for achieving 3 Bronze Awards - Academic Bronze and 2 Bronze Awards in other areas.
  • Students take stamped Merit Record Card to Year Adviser who signs off used stamps and organises Silver Award.
  • Silver Awards are issued at Recognition Assemblies.

4. Gold award

  • Issued for achieving 3 Silver Awards.
  • Students take stamped Merit Record Card to Year Adviser who signs off used stamps and organises Gold Award.
  • Gold Awards are issued at Presentation Evening.

5. Principal's letter of commendation

  • Issued¬†after achieving 2 extra silver after achieving a Gold Award.
  • Students take stamped Merit Record Card and extra silver to Head Teacher Welfare who signs off and organises Principal's Letter of Commendation.¬†
  • Students can only achieve one Principal's Letter of Commendation.

It is the student's responsibility to look after their merit record card. Students can not have cards restamped if a card is lost. New cards are available from the year adviser.