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Careers Education at Baulkham Hills High School

Vision Statement

The role of the Careers Advisor at Baulkham Hills High School is to provide a nurturing and inspirational space in which to support students in the following areas of their career and professional development (in alignment with the three Strategic Directions of the 2018-2020 School Plan):

1. Foster self-sufficiency in the complex world of tertiary study and work by teaching research, problem-solving and resource-acquisition skills to enhance adaptive capabilities within the changing labour market context (alignment with Strategic Direction 1: Excellence in Learning)

2. Connect students to a breadth and depth of opportunities in study and work through strategic contact with universities and industry representatives, in order to make informed decisions and career choices that have the best possible alignment with self (alignment with Strategic Direction 2: Excellence in Teaching)

3. Enhance confidence and resilience in navigating university and the workforce through information provision, guidance, mentoring, subject selection and application support and careers testing in both individual and group settings (alignment with Strategic Direction 3: Excellence in Leadership)

The process of career exploration and development at Baulkham Hills High School is a holistic approach which works closely with the aims of the Wellbeing Program and Growth Mindsets Team in order to support students to make choices based on their individual personal strengths and key interest areas as well as their academic capabilities. For this purpose it is essential that the Careers Advisor work closely with the Head Teacher Welfare, Counsellors, Year Advisors and Executive to ensure alignment of goals and outcomes for the students in undertaking their tertiary study and professional careers.

The Careers Advisor at Baulkham Hills High School is certified by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) as a QSCareers (Careers Counsellor) and is a Professional Member of the Careers Advisers’ Association of NSW & ACT (CAA), as well as having qualifications endorsed by CICA (Career Industry Council of Australia). Regular professional development is undertaken to enhance expertise and they are connected to other NSW high schools (including selective schools) via external networks to share knowledge and resources.


Google Classroom Resources

Resources have been designed and sourced by the Careers Advisor and all Year 10, 11 and 12 students have access (Year 9 students can also access upon request). Content includes resources for Year 10 Careers Classes, uni applications (NSW, interstate and overseas), study skills, work experience, transition to higher education, interview skills, CVs and job applications, scholarships and cadetships, tips for entry tests, and subject selection/career exploration.

Weekly Careers Newsletter

The whole school (including parents) has access to the weekly My High School (MHS) Careers Newsletter subscription which informs students about upcoming university events, scholarships and resources. Selected content is also placed in the school newsletter.


University Speaker Program & School to Work Program

Speakers from various universities in Sydney and interstate are invited to attend the school at lunchtimes in the TLC, usually in Term 2. All Year 10, 11 and 12 students and any interested Year 9 students are encouraged to attend. Students are also encouraged to attend university Open Days.

The School to Work program uses grant funds to support senior students in their transition to higher education and the workforce by investing in the advice of knowledge experts in various areas. Programs will differ each year and will include aspects such as entrepreneurship, scholarship assistance, skill development and management of study stress.

Year 10 Careers classes

Term 1 – Overview of Careers Education/Morrisby Online Careers Profiling/myfuture website exploration

• Students are introduced to resources and opportunities available to them (Google Classroom resources, My High School Careers newsletter subscription, university speaker program), including how to contact their Careers Advisor

• Students undertake online careers profiling via the Morrisby Online platform (aptitudes, personality & interests) and obtain a list of suggested careers with links to further information as well as discussion and support from the CA

• Students are introduced to the myfuture platform to undertake exploration of future careers to build on their individual profile

Term 2 – Strengths & Skills, CV Writing, Work Experience, Subject Selection

• Students gain an understanding of the skills required for the future of work

• Students are guided to prepare their own cv and start to build a career portfolio

• Students are given support for obtaining work experience placements

• Students are given resources and assistance for the subject selection process

Term 3 – Introduction to University/Scholarships & Cadetships/Interview Skills

• Students are introduced to university via preparation for open day visits and explore university online via virtual tours

• Students are exposed to common higher education terminology to become familiar with the university environment

• Students are given practical strategies for undertaking interviews to prepare for scholarship and cadetship applications and the opportunity to practise skills

Term 4 – Navigating the Workforce

• Students are introduced to the world of work including employment options

• Students are taught how to search for, analyse and apply for jobs

• Students are taught how to develop and enhance personal networks (both online and in person) and become aware of opportunities while studying at university including internships, joining professional organisations and using university career services



Online Careers Testing

Students undertake the Morrisby Online Careers testing as part of their Year 10 Careers classes. A parent information brochure and sample report are available via the link above.

Work Experience

Year 10 students are given support for finding and securing work experience placements in Careers classes. It is not compulsory and they are able to undertake it at any time during the year (except for holidays due to insurance requirements) with assessments and exams taken into consideration. Year 11 and 12 students are also given support for work experience placements and can undertake it during the holiday periods.

Individual support

The Careers Advisor is available to support senior school students with their career development including applications for university (NSW, interstate and overseas), scholarship and cadetship writing assistance, mock interviews, pathways, entry and equity/access schemes, as well as general career exploration. Students are able to make bookings via the schedule on the door of the Careers Office (also available via Google Classroom).

Support for teachers

Classroom teachers are supported by the Careers Advisor to help students with their career choices by referral to key information including subject-specific events and awards. Bullseye posters are provided to Head Teachers for classroom use.

Support for P&C

The Careers Advisor is available to meet with the P&C to give direction about the above services and resources. The Careers Advisor is also in attendance at Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Teacher Nights.