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Parents and Community association

Parents & Citizens Association

Parents are encouraged to attend P&C meetings. The P&C is the forum for parent discussion and participation in school decision-making. The Principal reports on school activities and is available to answer questions.

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, commencing at 7.30 pm in the school Library.

Meeting dates are as follows for 2019:

  • Tuesday, 26th Feb
  • Tuesday, 26th March
  • Tuesday, 28th May
  • Tuesday, 25th June
  • Tuesday, 23rd July
  • Tuesday, 27th Aug
  • Tuesday, 24th Sept
  • Tuesday, 22nd Oct
  • Tuesday, 26th Nov

Working bees

The P&C, in conjunction with the school, conducts two working bees each year. These generally focus on improvements to the school grounds with painting, mulching, planting, weeding and pruning being major activities. The installation of better student seating has also resulted from these working bees.

The working bees for 2019 are scheduled to run between 9 am - 1 pm on Saturday 16th March and Saturday 24th August. Followed by a BBQ lunch hosted by the P&C.

P & C Minutes

AGM Minutes - 26th February 2019

Student funding request

P&C is keen to provide financial subsidy to students who attend external competitions or activities representing the School at Zone, State or National level. Students wishing to apply for the subsidy should complete the Student Funding Request Application Form and send it with supporting documents to P&C via the School Office. Please refer to the Guidelines document for information on assessment guidelines.

Contacting P&C

Email Address:


Parent involvement on school committees is also sought. In the past, parents have been involved in the Welfare and Curriculum Reviews as well as contributing to values education. Parents are members of the Uniform Committee, charged with considering the adequacy of the school uniform. The Gifted and Talented Committee meets to consider the school's provision for its students, with a parent actually running one of the sessions. The Band Committee is totally parent-run. Parents are also represented on the Finance Committee, Planning Committee and on Selection Panels.

At the P&C AGM, parent representatives are elected for the Building Fund. The P&C also has its sub- committees, which report to each meeting.

BHHS Communication Skills Program booklet (PDF 1,211 KB)

Selection panels

Parents are also invited to participate in the selection process for some staff at the school. Participation requires involvement in a Department of Education training program and subsequent availability to spend time reading applications and participating in interviews. Interested parents should see the Principal.


Although our geographical community is widespread, the school is in itself a community as consultation is broad, consultative and inclusive of all stakeholders. Parents are encouraged to join or form committees in which either they or their child has an interest. In this way, the school ensures that parents play an active role in the education of their child, that the school and the family work together in harmony, both in school governance and in the home, in order to ensure that students' gifts which have been identified early in their education become talents by the time they leave Baulkham Hills High School at the conclusion of the Higher School Certificate. Many parent forums are held each year to help them understand the growth, development and needs of their children as young adolescents and young adults. These forums are hugely popular and parents leave with a renewed sense of satisfaction that their son or daughter is a member of the community at Baulkham Hills High School. Parents genuinely encourage their children to become involved in extra-curricular activities as they see the benefits of such a well-rounded education and the invaluable experience of service to others. The parents certainly agree that "Every day's a great day at Baulko."